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            A legendary figure among Mississippi band directors, George Henry Schultz touched and enriched the lives of thousands of young people for some fifty years after his graduation from Millsaps College. His successful tenures at Brandon, Taylorsville, Philadelphia, Tupelo and Amory bear testimony to the talent, dedication, enthusiasm, kindness and hard work that so esteemed him to his students and colleagues.


            As founder and owner for fifteen years of the Bandwagon, a music store located in Tupelo, Mr. Schultz continued in his contributions to developing band programs and music education in northeast Mississippi. Terms as president of both the Mississippi Bandmasters Association and the Mississippi Music Educators Association enabled Mr. Schultz to contribute his vision and abilities to the development of music all across the state of Mississippi. Mr. Schultz married the former Miss Hazel Johnson. Their daughter Dora has two children, Melissa and Marc.


            It is in honoring an outstanding and meaningful life well spent that the Northeast Mississippi Band Directors Association awards the George Henry Schultz Award.



1983 - Willard Taylor, Ripley High

1984 - William S. Bailey, Bruce High

1985 - Bob Chase, Houston High

1986 - Floyd Stevens, Tupelo High

1987 - Charles Ellington, Corinth High

1988 - Billy Eubanks, Pontotoc High

1989 - Stanley Crow, Water Valley High

1990 - Ronnie Smith, Corinth High

1991 - David East, Amory High

1992 - Ernie Reece, Aberdeen High

1993 - Vance Wigginton, Booneville High

1994 - Lora Emerson, Smithville High

1995 - John Emerson, Hatley High

1996 - John Mixon, Oxford High

1997 - Jeff Young, Oxford High

1998 - Brian Gillentine, Pontotoc High

1999 - Larry Burrell, Amory High

2000 - Mitch Moore, Alcorn Central High

2001 - Toni Reece, Aberdeen High

2002 - Thad Mullins, Columbus, High

2003 - Robert Plunkett, Ripley High

2004 - Kevin Cole, Lafayette County High

2005 - Kenneth Clay, Shivers Junior High

2006 - Dale Woods, North Pontotoc High

2007 - Tim Matlock, Tupelo Middle/High

2008 - Michael Cates, Itawamba Agricultural High

2009 - Dale Wigginton, Tupelo Middle

2010 - Sam Cunningham, Ripley High

2011 - Chad Hawkins, Eupora High

2012 - Bruce Dobbs, Corinth High

2013 - Sarah Todd, Pontotoc High

2014 - Melanie Stark, Amory High

2015 - Bruce White, Saltillo High

2016 - Jeff Colburn, Amory High

2017 - David Hopple, New Albany High

2018 - Brandon Harvell, Kossuth High

2019 - Bernard Hatch, Ripley High

2020 - Diane Cole, Kossuth High

2021 - Rickey Brown, West Point High

2022 - Jeff West, Lafayette County Middle

2023 - Joshua Forsythe, Booneville High

2024 - Robin Hill, Saltillo High




George Henry Schultz Outstanding Band Director Award Committee

NEMBDA President

Jeff Colburn, Chairperson

Dianne Cole

Brandon Harvell

Sarah Todd

Jeff West 

Immediate Past President

NEMBDA Executive Board

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